SMSF – Self Managed Superannuation Fund

More and more Australians are opting for a Self-managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) to have greater control and diversification in what they can invest their retirement funds in, such as precious metals. Investments that might not be possible with a typical industry superannuation fund.

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd helps this growing number of Australians to purchase precious metals for their SMSF as they are allowable assets within an SMSF. A superannuation fund that is diversified with assets not correlated with each other is one of balance, and one that gives peace of mind. That is why many SMSF investors believe that holding physical bullion as a percentage of their overall investment portfolio is one avenue that provides balance, diversification and asset protection.

Silver and gold bullion can be purchased in all shapes and size providing you with liquid assets that you can sell as you need in smaller amounts. Other larger hard assets or property do not provide this important flexibility within the portfolio.

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd for your SMSF Precious Metal Purchases?

Price! and service – Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd has a low cost business model which allows us to deliver these savings to your SMSF investment fund. Product prices are linked to the live market and instantly update ensuring that when you are ready with your purchase, the market price is locked in.

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd can provide product selection assistance and all other relevant documentation required within the framework of your SMSF. We appreciate that the importance of your decision to include precious metals within your SMSF, and look to support you so that the process of purchasing and receipt of bullion is seamless and secure.

Buying Bullion for your SMSF with Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd is easy. Make your purchase online or come and visit us instore to ensure that any order placed is in the name on your SMSF Trust Deed – the process is no different to a personal purchase, except that we need a copy of the front and signing page of your SMSF Trust Deed before your metal can be sent to you. This copy only needs to be provided once.

Storage of your SMSF Precious Metals

Having made your SMSF purchase and diversified your investment portfolio, the next consideration is how you securely store your SMSF bullion.

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd are not advisers in how you insure, securely store and regularly audit your precious metals SMSF holdings – however we do recommend the Reserve Vault facility in Brisbane, Australia.

– Reserve Vault provides the ultimate in independent ultra-secure storage in Brisbane at competitive prices

– It removes the personal risk of storing bullion at home

– Reserve Vault provides All Risks Insurance cover at a fraction of the prices that you independently can obtain. Insurance for bullion is difficult to get and banks do not offer it.

– The Reserve Vault in conjunction with Specialised Audit and Assurance Services (SAAS) offers competitive independent annual audits of your holdings to satisfy your trustee obligations

– Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd will deliver your SMSF purchase free of charge and fully insured to the Reserve Vault for you.  

Reserve Vault is our own secure storage provider, and one of the leading providers of these secure services in the Southern Hemisphere

(Please note, Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd has no commercial ties or financial relationship with the Reserve Vault – we recognise it as a state of the art facility for bullion storage and SMSF compliance services and we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t advice you to investigate what they can offer you in secure storage and ongoing SMSF compliance services)

Establishing Your SMSF

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd is a precious metals dealer, specialising in the selling of bullion – we don’t set up or manage your SMSF.

Your accountant or financial adviser will be able to provide you with professional advice about whether setting up an SMSF is right for you and – if so – can guide you through the process of establishing your SMSF, setting your investment strategy and managing your investments.

There are also multiple online providers that will assist you to establish your own SMSF.

Popular options include ESUPERFUND( or Xpress Super (

For more information on how to create your SMSF and whether it is the right process for you, we recommend you visit the following links:

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