Southern Cross ‘Cast’ Silver 10 oz Bullion Bar

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Southern Cross ‘Cast’ Silver 10 oz Bullion Bar

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Southern Cross Bullion is pleased to introduce a new range of investment-grade cast silver bars.

Simple yet elegant, these 99.9% pure silver bars feature the Southern Cross Bullion shield above a declaration of weight and purity.

Like ripples in a pond, swirl marks are usually just visible around the top surfaces, a signature of the of casting process as the molten metal quickly cools from over 1000 °C inside the open casting mould.

Where Southern Cross Bullion’s minted range features the highest degree of innovative, technical skill in precious metals manufacturing, the new cast range exemplifies the classical bullion bar made using the traditional technique.

Southern Cross Bullion cast silver bars offer investors and excellent way to hold physical bullion in a range of sizes to suit any portfolio’s requirements.

Geiger Edelmetalle – Combining TRADITION and FUTURE

GEIGER Edelmetalle continues a tradition, which was founded in the year 1218 in Leipzig: Merchants established the oldest silver trade of Germany Saxony (South East Germany) and especially its mountainous region, the Erzgebirge, is well-known for the long tradition in silver mining and processing of precious metals
Silver was mined in Saxon mountains since more than 1.000 years.

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