Perth Mint Silver 10 oz Bullion Bar

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Perth Mint Silver 10 oz Bullion Bar

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Perth Mint 10 oz silver bars

These 10 oz bullion bars are refined and minted by the Perth Mint, which is wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia. The Perth Mint as been operating since 1899 and is one of the best known names in silver and gold bullion. The Mint also produces governmental legal tender silver koala, kookaburra and lunar coins. Perth Mint bars are recognized and accepted throughout the world.

These bars from the Perth Mint can contains various imperfections or scratches, as they are classed as “investment grade” by Perth Mint, however they are direct from the Mint.


Design: The finishing is smooth and refined. The bars can be neatly stacked for efficient storage. Perth Mint bars are stamped with the Perth Mint logo and a stamp indicating weight (10 oz), metal content (silver) and purity (99.9%).

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