I Purchased an Item From a Retail Shop and The Value of Gold Has Increased Since Then – Will I Receive More Than the Retail Price I Paid?

The Retail and Precious Metal Buyback programs are two very different markets. Unfortunately, you won’t receive more than the retail price you paid. As gold or silver jewellery is purchased from a retail outlet, at retail prices, the price you’ve paid is not solely based on the value of the precious metal content, but also the design, manufacturing, transportation, store overheads such as employee wages and store lease to mention just some. This means that the price paid for new jewellery in retail stores is inflated above the gold or silver value alone.

Do You Purchase Gold of Different Colours?

Yes, Bullion Deposit Australia does purchase all colours of gold. The value of your gold is calculated and based entirely on the fineness (carat value) of the gold, not the colour.

What About Jewellery Items That Have Diamonds or Stones?

Bullion Deposit Australia purchases jewellery based on the gold and silver content of the product. We do not purchase diamonds or stones. If you would like to keep the stones, please feel free to remove them prior to sale. The removal of stones is not a service that BDA offers.

How Much Can I Make When Selling My Gold or Silver?

The gold and silver prices change by the minute, as do the prices we pay. At Bullion Deposit Australia the advantage that you receive is leveraging off the 50+ years of experience that we have in the Gold and Silver Commodity markets. We purchase your gold and silver based on the weight and purity of metal content only. We use leading industry equipment to measure the purity of precious metal in your product, to then calculate the total value.

If you have an approximate idea of the weight and purity of your gold or silver item, you can use our Gold and Silver Prices pages to work out a close estimate of what you will receive in a payout. These prices do update every two minutes while the markets are live and open.

Does BDA Pay Lower Than the Advertised Rate

No, Bullion Deposit Australia has a sophisticated live market price stream that updates prices every 2 minutes. We will always pay the exact amount that we advertise on our website for the gold or silver content that your product has. We never will lower our offers below the prices we have advertised, and we don’t charge any hidden fees or additional charges.

Do you store my Credit Card Details?

No, we do not store your credit card details.  Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd has integrated the credit card payment platform with as the credit card payment processor.

For your peace of mind, you can read more about as a credit card processing company here.

The fraud protection, security functions, and card owner protection options are essential for client peace of mind when making their purchase, provisions that PayPal provides NO access to for merchants. The precious metals industry is one of the largest ones targeted for credit card fraud, so Bullion Deposit has invested heavily in integrating systems that give peace of mind to clients when shopping with us, but that also protect innocent parties whose details are fraudulently used.

Credit Card fraud is a billion dollar issue – you can be confident that Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd is working for the protection and anonymity of your details so that you can shop with us having complete peace of mind.

Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally to selected countries only.

International Express Courier is the only service we use to ship orders outside of Australia for insurance and security reasons, currently.  We are finalising a new registered post arrangement that will meet the same requirements, and will be launching this in the very near future providing full track and trace of your bullion purchases.

We ship to the following countries:

New Zealand
Hong Kong
United States
United Kingdom

Do you ship to PO Boxes and Parcel Lockers?

Yes, up to a certain order amount. This is due to the fact that large orders in either size or value are delivered by a secure Express Courier service, fully trackable and guaranteed overnight delivery in most metropolitan areas in line with insurance requirements – this service that does not deliver to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers

For remote areas – we engage a similar secure service – it is imperative that you have full peace of mind in the safe and secure delivery of your bullion purchases.

Do you provide storage services?

Yes, we provide insured secure allocated bullion storage – please select this option in the checkout process.  Unallocated bullion purchases as an experienced precious metals dealer do not align with our company value system of ensuring complete peace of mind and protection of your bullion and investment decision processes.

We use the Reserve Vault in Brisbane, an independent secure storage facility.  All orders stored are fully allocated.  Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd clients can request the Reserve Vault to conduct a third party audit of their allocated bullion purchased and stored there.

For clients with their own storage accounts with other providers such as Guardian Vault or Custodian Vault in Sydney and Melbourne, or any other vaulting or safety deposit service, Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd will deliver your order direct to those facilities if you populate the shipping information correctly, or at your specific request.

Contact Information

General Contact Information

Company Name: Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd

ACN/ABN: 606 510 516 / 44 606 510 516


Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd website trades 24/7 for the convenience of all clients and their local or international location. You can contact us via our website at any time.

Showroom Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am – 4pm on every Queensland business trading day (closed on public holidays)
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

Showroom Location

The Hamilton Complex, Shop 3, Building 3, 33 Remora Rd (opposite P&O Cruise Ship Terminal Entrance), HAMILTON QLD 4007

Can I collect my order or send someone on my behalf?

YES.  With proper authority form completed, the nominated person can collect orders on someone’s behalf.

We do provide insured delivery at a low flat rate fee of just $6 for anywhere in the Brisbane Metropolitan area, and this has proven to be a convenient and risk-free option for our clients in receiving their bullion order in a timely manner.

If the owner of the account / order still prefers to collect but send someone on their behalf, a Collection Authority form needs to be completed, and the person collecting must bring their driver’s license or another suitable form of photo identification.

Our location in the Portside Precinct of Hamilton, is directly opposite the P&O Cruise Terminal entry and the popular Friday Night Eats location.

How much does it cost to deliver my bullion?

All shipping / delivery calculations are based on a combined weight and value combination, linked to the delivery location. All orders require a signature on completion, and will ONLY be shipped to the nominated shipping address.

For large orders in either value and / or weight, secure Express Courier services are engaged. You will be sent full tracking details to monitor the shipping progress of your order.

Trading Hours

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd website trades 24/7 for the convenience of all clients and their local or international location. You can contact us via our website at any time.

Showroom Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am – 4pm on every Queensland business trading day (closed on public holidays)
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

Showroom Location: The Hamilton Complex, Shop 3, Building 3, 33 Remora Rd (opposite P&O Cruise Ship Terminal Entrance), HAMILTON QLD 4007

Investor Quantity Tubes and Monster Boxes

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd do sell tubes and monster boxes of Perth Mint Round Releases, American Silver Eagles from the US Mint,  Canadian Maple Leafs from the Royal Canadian Mint. Gold products also can be purchased in bulk.

Please refer to our Bulk Silver and Bulk Gold pages, or the individual product, for bulk discount pricing.

Precious Metals and GST

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd complies with Australian Federal Government regulation on precious metals and GST – bullion grade gold, silver and platinum coins or bars are without GST. Palladium and Bullion Jewellery products attract GST.

Ruling on GST and precious metals from the ATO website

Precious metal is defined in section 195-1 as follows:

(a) gold (in an investment form) of at least 99.5% fineness; or

(b) silver (in an investment form) of at least 99.9% fineness; or

(c) platinum (in an investment form) of at least 99% fineness; or

For gold, silver or platinum to be in an investment form for the purposes of the GST Act, it must be in a form that:

(a) is capable of being traded on the international bullion market, that is, it must be a bar, wafer or coin;

(b) bears a mark or characteristic accepted as identifying and guaranteeing its fineness and quality; and

(c) is usually traded at a price that is determined by reference to the spot price of the metal it contains.

What is the difference between the brands you sell?

All brands sold by Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd are of the highest purity and quality of the chosen metal. We guarantee the purity of all the metal we sell – it is NEW, direct from the associated Mint or their authorised and appointed regional distributor.

The price difference, like many other sectors, is associated to brand name and also the metal refining process.

Southern Cross
Minted by the Geiger Edelmetalle Group in Germany, both the Minted and Cast versions of the bars are of the highest quality, and represent excellent value for your investment money. Coming in plastic coated protection, all sizes are a must for consideration within your metal portfolio

Perth Mint
An Australian Household name, and world renowned leader in the field of quality investment metals. Equal in quality to all other brands, Perth Mint refines both gold and silver in various sizes and designs. The Lunar Bullion series is especially popular, and the majority of minted coins have mintage quantity limits placed upon them.

PAMP Suisse
PAMP Suisse products are refined in Switzerland and stamped with the PAMP trade mark. PAMP is an internationally recognised product and all products come with an assaying certificate.

Other Bullion brands we occasionally may purchase in and list on the website to provide additional choices to our existing and potential clients.

The key element is that ALL bullion we supply is the authentic pure product, providing you with peace of mind that it is sourced from leading mint houses from within Australia and the world.

Understanding Precious Metals Sizes

Precious Metals are measured in Troy Ounces, not in imperial ounces used for other activities.

1 Troy ounce of metal = 31.1035 grams
1 Kilogram of metal = 32.15 troy ounces

Can I Buy Precious Metals at Spot Price?

Like the majority of precious metals dealers, Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd is not a member of a metal exchange and therefore does not buy or sell the raw, unrefined metals.

Investors should consider purchasing larger sized bars – the production and handling costs during the refinement process reduce, bringing the price per troy ounce closer to the spot price.

With our Bullion Buy Back Program, there is the opportunity with certain ‘seconds’ products to obtain these close to spot prices, however we also have some exciting products to become available as a result of this program.  Please contact us to see what bullion ‘seconds’ we might have within our inventory.

What is the Metal Spot Price?

A spot price of a precious metal is the current trading price on metal exchanges, and is the worldwide benchmark for pricing. Bulk orders of bullion trade at the spot price as a raw material, without the cost of making the metal into coins or bars, transportation, storage and associated retail expenses.

Locking in a Metal Price

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd trades 24/7, all year round, so at any time convenient you can select and order your products, locking in the price point. Please keep in mind that once completed, you have entered into a legal and binding commitment in line with our Terms and Conditions.

Why does the website pricing change?

Our prices are live and update in 30 second cycles. Linked to the live pricing movements of precious metals, this is an essential function to lock-in and guarantee you the most up to date price for your bullion.

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd Bank Details

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd

National Australia Bank
BSB: 083 004
Acct No: 24854 8379
Swift Code: NATAAU3303M

International Orders:
Please add $20 AUD intermediary bank charge to Grand Total

Can an Order be Cancelled or Changed

NO. Once you confirm your internet order of precious metals, it is a legal and binding contract. We urge all of our customers to familiarise themselves with our Terms and Conditions. Orders cannot be cancelled as the bullion is locked into the live market on your behalf. Bullion is currency, so please ensure that you have the funds to meet the agreed commitment you enter into on Placing the Order.

If you do cancel your order or not honor the terms and conditions of the agreement, you are required to pay all fees in line with our cancellation and market loss policy within the Terms and Conditions.

Can I Order Without an Account

Yes, if you come in store you can make over the counter purchases.  Identification and details are still required to complete the purchase.

Purchasing online requires registering an account with Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd.  For orders to be completed and locked directly into the live bullion market, registering an account to complete the checkout process is a necessary requirement. While we do accept phone orders, these too require an account to be opened.

Selling your Bullion to Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd

Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd does have a Bullion Buyback Program.  We only buy back pure bullion products, and not jewellery:

Buy Back Rates are:

Gold – 2% under AUD Spot Price
Silver – 2% under AUD Spot Price
Platinum – 2% under AUD Spot Price
Palladium – 3% under AUD Spot Price + GST

Our preferred process for payment to you is ‘cash in store’ on verification and testing of the metal purity of your bullion for sale. For large sales of bullion to us, please give us some short notice by calling 1800 BULLION.

Alternative payment options are a National Australia Bank ‘Cash Cheque’, or an immediate, same day bank transfer.

For clients unable to come to us in store, please contact us on the process.

We can arrange collection of your product with DHL Express or Toll Transport at your expense, or you can send products to us using a signature service once a price agreement has been locked in.

On receipt of your bullion sent to us, we will provide a confirmation of receipt and immediately test and validate the purity of the product to ensure it is genuine bullion. Confirmation will then immediately release a same day bank to bank transfer of the agreed transaction amount.

Identification Requirements for Purchasing

In compliance with AntiMoney Laundering regulations in Australia, purchases that are AUD $5,000 or over within a 24hr period require an account where your details need to be confirmed. These details are your name, date of birth, and address. Any client under the age of 16 will require a guardian over 18 for the account. The guardian must accept the appointment of responsibility and willingly provide their name, date of birth, and proof of address as an authority for the account.

Additionally with Credit Card and PayPal payments, Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd may request information to confirm the identity of the buyer in line with our antoi-fraud processes.

Payment Options with Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd

Purchasing from Bullion Deposit Australia Pty Ltd is seamless and straightforward.

Browse: Our website provides clients the opportunity to search all of our products online, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.   Our product prices are linked to the live spot market, however while selecting your products for purchase, the final price is not locked in and approved until you complete the checkout process.

Finalise your Purchase: Once you have selected the bullion items for purchase, you are given various options in the checkout process, such as delivery, collection or allocated secure storage.

Pay: Clients have a number of options for payment, and also depending on whether insured delivery is required or not:

1. Make a payment via Direct Deposit / Electronic Transfer of funds, with delivery insurance or without. 

2. Pay order in full via credit card up to a maximum of $5,000.  All orders over $5,000 must be paid via Direct Deposit or Electronic Transfer of Funds.  Credit Card Surcharges apply to the total order including shipping, and full insurance is automatically included for delivery.  Clients have full insurance of their products with this payment option.

IMPORTANT CONDITION: Should a customer fail to pay the total order of the purchase price within the agreed time frame, the customer will be in default of this agreement, and fees will apply.  Clients are requested to fully understand the terms and conditions.  It is mandatory to accept the terms and conditions to complete an order, and on completing the order process, clients acknowledge that it is legally binding and that they have read in full the details.

For orders over $10,000 in a 24hr period, you will be requested to provide a completed Identification form.  This request will be sent to you via email.  You can download the form from our Identification Requirements Page.


Bullion Deposit Australia guarantees that your bullion purchase is NEW PRODUCT only, unless it is specified as a BuyBack product